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The platform of Dar-ul-Faiz Aam was established in 1973 by Syed Hakeem Mohammad Younas Naseem Shah with the aim to enlighten peoples’ minds with the benefits of the Holy Quran and its role in the betterment of human life. He was known to provide solutions to a wide range of problems on a free of charge basis; all through the teachings of Allah, HIS Prophet (PBUH) and HIS descendants. The importance and benefits of Sadqat done alongside rohani amaliyat have been experienced by many, and the count still continues. His legacy has been carried forward by his only son; Syed Ejaz Hussain Rizvi, who continues to serve mankind till date.

Syed Ejaz Hussain Rizvi holds a dynamic personality and knows how to strike a perfect life balance between deen and duniya. Alongside his devotion towards spiritual well-being of the people, he works as a General Manager in a well-reputed private company in Lahore, and has also been part of several telecommunication/media projects. He has inherited his command over “ILM-E-JAFFAR” from his father, and has served a plethora of believers around the world. Over the years, he has helped people in dealing with enemies, black magic spells, career issues, business and monetary issues, personal relationships, and counseling over a multitude of others. He principal beliefs stands by giving Sadqat and reading the verses of the Holy Quran every problem in the world can be solved; if God willing. He withholds that like every medical problem requires a professional guidance, similarly rohani/spiritual problems must be solved by a thorough professional. 

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Removal of Black Magic

Rapid Recovery of Supernatural Diseases in Pakistan

Not all issues can be resolved to have present day therapeutic science or some different kinds of treatment. Exactly when your essential consideration doctors disregard to decide whatever isn’t on the whole correct to have you, someone despising on you or moreover some exceptional factors could have caused it. Dar ul Faizaam is the Certified Significant Healer you need for a ceaseless response for all of your issues. Making our optimal Rohani Ilaj organizations open Online in Pakistan, we offer constant responses for everyone wherever they might be without making uncommon experiences any more. Our Enduring Treatment offers the following benefits:

  • Protection from all kinds of magic
  • Black Charm Departure
  • Authentic diagnosis of the problem
  • Permanent treatment for all issues

Helping You Cleanse Your Spirit for a Peaceful Life

Oftentimes extraordinary issues are caused from inside. Dar ul Faizaam offers Dull Charm Ejection making you aware of whatever prerequisites to improve in your life to make it logically tranquil. We have the right significant experience to make you feel light significantly and improve your reality with genuine courses of action. Our best Powerful Retouching in Pakistan makes you continue with an exceptional sprightly nurturing internal satisfaction and guarding you from any obscenities of this world.  The best Interminable Dull Charm Clearing Expert in Pakistan, Dar ul Faizaam is by and by open web offering unchanging responses for all of your issues. We make things straightforwardly for you by starting with your spirit and cleaning it from inside.

Choosing the Right Healer of your Supernatural Problems

Our life is basically stacked with such countless huge decisions. Despite whether you are scanning for another position, needing to move to your new house or looking for the best life assistant to spend the rest of your years with, a significantly right decision can improve things such an extraordinary sum for you. Dar ul Faizaam is your best option for a significantly right decision that will give an immutable treatment to various issues that you most likely won’t have even experienced now. Our Unchanging Treatment Significant Issues organizations are available for both the issues of the present and moreover issues of what might be on the horizon. You can rely upon us for any significant decisions that will make your life generously increasingly peaceful and pleasant including:

  • An Istakhara Online organization for any burdens or questions

  • Istikhara for Marriage organization helping you pick the right accessory until the end of time

  • Finding the real treatment of unnatural birth cycle with the supernatural end

  • Any other standard decisions for any stresses

Jinnat Possession Symptoms

Jinn or negative malice and powers (phantoms) are some super powers which exist in the center layer among earth and sky. A few people prevent the presence from claiming jins yet medicinal science has likewise acknowledged the presence of jins. The presence of Jinn in Islam is additionally demonstrated as it has been mentioned in the Holy Quran at multiple accounts.

Kinds of Jinnat

Before talking about the kinds of Jinnaat I need to argue for clearing the possibility of presence of Jinnaat in Islam. As certain individuals use to guarantee that there is no impact of jin on people and they don’t intrude on the standard existence of jin. They use to state that each of the issues and illnesses that are felt by the individual and not appeared in any therapeutic test report are the consequence of just pressures and ordinary pressure not the impact of Jin. At that point I might want to pose inquiry that who does not endure pressure and worry in this world Each individual in this world these days is experiencing pressure and issues then why they don’t have these sorts of issues Henceforth it is exceptionally important to go to an ideal profound specialist who has enough learning identified with a wide range of otherworldly issues.

Indications of Jinnaat Possession

  • Having outrageous aroma or smell at home all of a sudden.

  • Victim feels weight on shoulders, head and back.

  • Victim have an inclination that somebody is tailing them even regularly they begins thinking back for checking yet thus nobody use to be there

  • Watching various states of Jinnaat in bad dreams notwithstanding viewing Jinnaat and churails, in actuality, which is a case of open presence of Jinnaat.

  • Stealing or removal of cash, gold adornments and other significant things.

  • Feeling extraordinary cold or weight at body at a particular time while passing or strolling at home.

  • Feeling of something strolling in upstairs and ground floor.

  • Having successive voices and hints of somebody strolling or running at housetop and in some cases like somebody is extending beds

  • Having successive hints of utensils of kitchen at late night or having various scents of cooking at late night

  • Having feeling of going somebody behind or in front just as sentiment of looking somebody from the back of windows or drapes

  • Having numerous drops of blood on drapes, couch sets, bed sheets, garments and dividers. This can be a result of Dark Enchantment too.

  • Having numerous cuts at garments in the wake of washing or putting them appropriately in cabinets. Now and then having various openings or spots of consumes at garments, drapes or various things.

  • Having a sentiment of solidifying the body as not ready to absolute a solitary word, stream or move while dozing and meanwhile get ready to move

  • Watching hounds, wolfs, midsections and monkeys as often as possible in bad dreams.

  • Having an inclination that someone is attempting to arouse the individual by putting weight on hands or feet.

  • Hearing your name from the sound of an individual who is dozing or isn’t accessible at home.

  • Sometimes ladies get extraordinary detest for their spouses and they don’t care for them to draw close. Much of the time they use to feel that another person is resting on their beds and they use to have various bad dreams which can’t be depicted to anyone and some of the time they gets bad dreams which portray the condition for what reason do they detest their spouses. This is a result of some exceptionally terrible churails and jinnaat.

  • Feeling of apathy and illnesses at home while going out simultaneously satisfies them and impeccable regardless of whether the creature is at that home then that creature will likewise be debilitated and feeble. This is a direct result of defrauded and frequented place by jinnaat.

  • Having no youngster or getting passing of kid following birth.

  • Misplacement of things consequently.

  • Having numerous wounds on youngsters or superfluous wishes of them.

  • Unnecessary apathy or trouble at home is the indication of deceived and frequented place by jinnaat.

  • Getting ceaselessly from Allah and feeling sluggishness while offering supplications, quick or dong some other Islamic deed.

  • Having negative considerations for Allah and His prophet.

  • Having fire at home abruptly.

What is miscarriage?

Premature delivery or fetus removal is an extremely difficult illness of ladies. It is for the most part an aftereffect of enchantment or Jinnat while on different hands it is said that it is a restorative issue by various specialists & Tabeebs in light of the fact that medicinal science don’t acknowledge the presence of dark enchantment.

The ladies who face this issue regularly and have some otherworldly purpose for it alongside restorative issue, they can’t recuperate it with just meds. It is seen that this issue in females is a direct result of WITCH a sort of Jinnat which seriously influences the arrangement of propagation in females.

From one reason isn’t having an infant from very begin and here and there to bring forth a dead kid. Now & then in fourth or fifth month child is squandered. It is seen that the kid who are conceived can’t make due for longer timeframes and they changes their shading into yellow or green. It is likewise observed that there is an enchantment of this sort on the off chance that a young lady will be conceived, at that point she ought to develop and get ordinary conveyance yet in the event that a kid, at that point ladies ought to get an unnatural birth cycle. While on other hand a few people have diverse sort of enchantment on them in it switch.

It is likewise observed that a few kids after birth use to remain debilitated untouched in the accompanying ways.

Weight of youngsters used to diminish continually.

Child used to cry continually

Child remains unfit to move

Infant used to remain apprehensive constantly

Manifestations of a Premature/Unsuccessful Delivery

Some primary manifestations of premature delivery are portrayed underneath which can shift from case to case.

Having dim spots at various pieces of body

Unpredictable periods


Consistent agony at back

Solidifying of blood in veins of hand and head

Having terrible bad dreams

Having no kid

In the event that both the partners are fit but are still unable to conceive for a long time or face any of the above conditions, should visit a spiritual healer to avoid any unfortunate circumstance.


A miscarriage treatment can be fruitful if the delayed consequences of enchantment are finished from them. Each of the drugs which were of no utilization before can now be valuable if the dark enchantment is recuperated. It is additionally observed that this issue is moved starting with one influenced ladies or kid then onto the next. Henceforth it is extremely important to know about what causes are of premature delivery.

In the event that you are confronting any issue from the above mentioned, at that point you ought to consider a decent otherworldly healer and it is conceivable that you are associated with any sort of dark enchantment. In such a situation,  you should visit a profound healer for pushing advantage before getting into more difficulty. Connect with us to get such issues treated. We can give our administrations for looking profoundly about unnatural birth cycle treatment and finding a fitting answer for its evacuation and get you back in your everyday happy life indeed with no bending, issue and impact of dark enchantment.